Share your ideas for making Disha Pages better

Thanks for bringing this to our notice, we will look into it.

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Hey Disha team,

Great job. With mobile-friendly first, you’re in the lead for easy to make mobile-friendly pages.

I’m throwing in the idea for making a “micro-blogging” element. You could do a carousel style micro blog element.

Thanks and keep up the great work,
Coach Ryan

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Hello, thank you for this product, its very simple and easy to use. Please I have two issues:

  1. After adding the dribble icon and its link, when i publish the page, the dribble icon no longer shows on the published version but it shows in the edit mode
  2. Is it possible to be able to set colour themes for both light mode and dark mode? Eg some colours that look good in light mode don’t look as good in the dark mode, and currently we can only select one colour for both modes

Great work as always guys!!!

Thank you, Ryan.

We’ll look into this and consider the possibilities.

Free https on custom domains
more Icons for a freelancer (Upwork, Fiverr & others)
animate Gallery or portfolio (though was able to tweak mine)

Custom fonts

I need add more page in homepage.



how do you feel about my idea?

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We are working on that feature for Version 2 of Disha Pages. Thank you :hugs:

Definitely need extra page for upsell :unamused:

We’re looking into that at the moment.