10 tips for working while traveling

  1. Make sure your internet connection is A1!

  2. Update all devices and calendars to your current timezone. A must!

  3. Book your flights wisely! Make sure they are after or before working hours. Leave buffer room for delayed flights.

  4. Book your Airbnb, Hotel Reservations wisely! Book in safe and quiet areas. Do your research. Don’t book next to schools, daycares, or clubs.

  5. Pack a damn power strip! You know one of those power strips with about 4 or 5 outlets and USB ports. Sometimes, your Airbnb or Hotel can lack adequate outlets for all your work gear.

  6. Pack all your tools. Yubikey, Privacy screens, VPN access, personal hotspots, pocket wifi, solar-powered power bank (Can charge computers, phones, and other devices), USB-C to USB converters, all the cords, make sure all two-factor logins use the authenticator app because the “call my phone” feature may not work if you’re abroad, bring your mouse, keyboard, all external tools (monitor), noise-cancelling headphones, suitcase lock, etc.

  7. Stick to your normal routine! Literally, outline your calendar so you can stay on track. Different timezones trip me out.

  8. Plan ahead for conferences or meetings. Make sure you’re in a quiet place with great internet. Coffee shops are usually a no go for meetings. It is actually loud for the meeting attendees.

  9. Don’t work on a bed. If you can, find a desk but please don’t work on a bed.

  10. Set a hard cut-off time. Unplug and really unplug. When it is time to get off work, get off! Close the computer! Leave! Go explore!