99 Problems, Getting Paid Ain't One

Hi Dishans!

Happy new year. We hope this new year brings you more growth. We plan to be by your side through it all, working to help you achieve all your goals and dreams.

We are in the business of making dreams happen for all Disha users, no matter what creator category they belong to. In October, we held a Creators’ Day Out for a few Disha creators at an exclusive location in Lagos. We had insightful conversations about how we could make Disha better for you. You might have started seeing some of those changes (like our product feature, which lets you sell digital or physical products and services to anyone from your Disha page).

Last month, we held a rap battle competition – you might have seen it on social media. Many African creators are underserved, and rappers are part of that segment.

We hosted 12 talented rappers at the #PowerYourCraft rap battle competition, and 3 of them went home smiling as winners.

In third place, we had El Rhey, who made away with $500 and a free recording session. In the second place, we had Young Incredible, who won a $750 cash prize and a free recording session.

Finally, in the first place was the dexterous Quizzzy, who blew the judges out of the water and went home with $1000, a recording session, and a performance on the same stage as Asake at the Flytime Music Festival.

P.S. You can watch the highlights from the rap event here: https://youtu.be/yynsVUgww-8

Every day at Disha, we are impressed at the level of raw talent among African creators. We remain committed to helping every single creator in Africa to power their craft, receive recognition and get paid for the work they put into their passion – whether they are rappers, writers, photographers, designers, chefs, podcasters, or YouTubers.

We want to build Disha with and for you, so please give us feedback and tell us about your needs by replying in the comments or emailing.

Here’s to getting paid for our work🥂.

With Love,

The Disha Team🧡.