Content disappearance before publish

Greetings Disha and thanks for your wonderful product. Please I am kind of pissed that everything I have worked on for the past 2 days just wiped away, I dont know where they went to. everything disappeared. It will be so nice to have you rectify this. Thanks alot as I look forward to your professional approach towards this.

Hello Emmanuel, apologies some of your page content are hidden. This is most likely because your trial/subscription for Disha Pages just ended.

All your content is still saved, and you may upgrade your account to Pro to make everything visible OR keep enjoying the free plan.

Thank you for using Disha Pages.

I am new here and i am experiencing this same thing.
By same thing i mean, Content Disappearance before publishing.
I was never on a Premium Plan.
I signed up for the basic plan and i am just trying to have my page set up with the plans available for this package.

Please what exactly is causing the disappearance, what can i do and how can it stop?
I appreciate and anticipate your response.
Thank You very much.

Hello Kemi,
Thanks for your patience.

These are the only elements that are available on the Free version:

  • Icons, Buttons, and Text elements
  • Import your links
  • 1 Youtube Video

So, if you add an image/carousel element, it will be saved but won’t show to your page visitors unless you upgrade your account.

I hope that’s clear?