How can I setup my Disha Page?

Below is a step by step breakdown of how you can set up your personalized Disha page;

Step 1: Go to on your browser

Step 2: Create an account with your email, Google or Instagram account. If you use email you will get a verification code to complete the process.

Step 3: Choose your username and your full name.

Step 4: Once done, you can now proceed to upload your own content, your profile bio, images, edit texts and input your preferred links

Step 5: Review and add as many sections as you want. As a free user, you can;

  • Add unlimited buttons
  • Unlimited Text blocks
  • 3 images
  • 3 sections
  • Basic Analytics
  • Import from Linktree
  • Limited to only three sections

while as a premium user, you get more juicy features including;

  • Unlimited buttons
  • Unlimited Text blocks
  • Unlimited images
  • Unlimited sections
  • Youtube videos
  • List (For blogs and articles)
  • Import from Linktree
  • Comprehensive Analytics

Step 6: Once done with populating your page with contents and links, you can proceed to publish the page using the publish button at the top right corner

Step 7: A unique Disha Pages URL will be generated for you. Copy the URL from your page and paste it on your social media profiles.

P.S - You can also share directly with friends