How To Get People To Save Your Post On Instagram

Instagram saves are the new trending key signal for how the Instagram algorithm works, the more saves you get on a post, the more people it will be shown to in the Instagram Explore Page.

Need a kickass strategy to increase your engagement? Instagram saves are the hottest engagement metric for brands right now. Here are 5 top tips on how to increase Instagram saves:

  • Create Catchy Infographics
    Asides from good quality pictures, Images that are educational, information-heavy or infographic in style draw attention and cause people to save it for later.

  • Write Longer & Richer Captions
    When it comes to getting more saves on your post, having a caption that reads almost like a mini-blog is a great way to do it. Gone are the days of a caption just being a collection of emojis.

  • Create Evergreen Content
    People are always seeking information and will always do, So whatever the content, make sure it’s something that will be relevant not just for today but also for tomorrow. Good information will always be of value.

  • Create Instagram Quotes
    Getting your followers to really engage with your posts can be a tough thing to do. Instagram quotes helps you engage your audience and build deeper connections.

  • Ask Your Audience To Save Your Post
    Don’t forget to add a call-to-act in your post. It acts as a friendly reminder to your audience that this is a post worth saving for the future.

When planning your content strategy for your feed, try incorporating these top tips and see how your engagement rates and your account grows. Whether you’re looking to get more engagement on your post or earn a spot on the coveted Explore Page, creating posts that are really engaging and saveable help. Share your thoughts below in the comment section.