How to juggle a full time job and a side hustle

Working a full-time job while maintaining a side hustle comes with a unique set of challenges, but there’s no harm in getting the best of both worlds. These are steps to adequately smash your full-time job & side hustle without falling asleep at your desk.

  • Embrace Your Full-Time Job
    There’s nothing wrong with working a full-time job, having a profitable passion project, or anything in between. No matter how you feel about your salary job – be grateful for your full-time gig. Most side hustle will cater for 20% of your income, while your full-time job caters for up to 80% of your income.

  • Leverage on Your Day Job
    Your day job isn’t a total drag, can use your work to influence your side hustle output. Not only does your full job pay the bills, but it also provides experiences that could be applied to the benefit of your side hustle.

  • Focus and Prioritize your time
    Knowing how to prioritize affects the success of your project both on your day job and your side hustle. note your most important tasks and identify what carries the highest value to your business, organization and the work at hand.

  • Know your limits
    Working full-time and having a side hustle take the majority of our time. Due to the urge to create better output, we push our limits, whether that is physically or mentally. While doing your best and ensuring that you deliver on all projects, it is key that you identify your limits and not stretch yourself beyond that to ensure balance.

  • Use apps to be more productive
    The more you can make your business automated and have it do things for you without physically being there, the more productive you can be.

Following these efficiency hacks will avoid you getting burnt out. The best time to build a business is when you have a full-time job that covers all of your living expenses. Think of your regular employment as hedging against the risks you’re taking as you test the viability of your side hustle. Good luck!