How to know the right one

As a young adult in your 20s, I know you all have been in that position where you feel like you’re bad energy(I know I feel that way sometimes).

The good news is that your energy is great! All you need is someone who matches with your energy and you’re good to go.

We all make the same mistake of giving our all to someone who ends up not valuing it and then we end up feeling dejected and unloved. They make us feel like we are not enough!

My lovely youngsters, YOU are enough!

I believe God make us go through the rough corners to appreciate the smooth corners when we see them. We fall in love with the wrong ones and they show us hell so that when we eventually find the right ones, it will click.

You will know that this is where you were meant to be!

Let me give you a tip: You will know when you meet THE ONE. It feels magical. Everything will make sense. You’ll compare your past and understand. You will know it all.

Right now, if you’re going through hell, go through it with hope that you’ll be happy soon. Your path have been set from the onset with the person you’re destined to be with. The journey might be too long; but believe me when I say that the universe is drawing you closer to the right one.

Just don’t make the mistake of sticking to the wrong one forever in the name of marriage because then, you will meet the right one but he will become the perfect stranger for you.

If you have patience, exercise it and trust me, you will fly in love❤

NB: The right one isn’t far off.

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