How to personalize your email marketing

Imagine being able to reach every one of your subscribers as though they’re someone you know, like a trusted friend? Well, that is really crucial to successful email marketing. Email personalization is just the perfect way to individually reach each of your unique subscribers. Personalized campaigns drive more revenue than an email without personalization.

However, let’s take an even closer look at exactly how to personalize your email marketing that won’t make the reader feel like you are intruding.

Be On A First Name Basis

It makes so much difference when the tone for a conversation is set. How do you feel when a friend walks up to you and starts a conversation by saying your name, rather than “Hey, you!” or “Hey there”. The reason why addressing your customers by their first name appeals to their ego and satisfies their need to feel unique, spoken to and special.

Use Catchy Headlines

you only have seconds to capture your reader’s attention, so make it count with deliberate catchy subject lines. Headlines have always been important in the world of email marketing, also the personalization tactic which has to be the most specific in order for it to work.

Talk Like a Human, Not a Sales Machine

People are more likely to trust and relate to an email that comes from another person, as opposed to a business. You need to use a person’s name in the “from” field, relax your language if you want to relax your customers. Remove corporate jargon if you don’t want to sound robotic and outdated.

Create Quality Over Quantity Content

Content that’s tailored to their interests is really important because when your subscribers feel like they know, like, and trust you, they’re much more willing to buy from you in the future. A straightforward, quality and scannable messages make your audience not to feel overwhelmed.

Ask The Right Questions

Asking questions is a pretty straightforward approach, but you’ve got to ask them the right ones for it to work. For example, if they would want to receive your newsletter once a month rather than the standard once a week distribution?. These questions can help you find out what you’re doing right (or wrong) pretty quickly, and it makes targeted emails much easier.

Email personalization is the easiest and most effective way to gain new and paying customers. You’re ahead of most marketers if you have started using these tactics.

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