Image Element - To add images to your profile

The image element allows you to easily add images to your instant site.

Title: Using this, you can add a header title to your image section
Description: Here, you can add a quick description of your image(s)

Image: You can use this to add your desired photos to your website. Just tap on the icon and select your photo. The supported format includes JPG, PNG, GIF.

Title: This allows you to add a text or emoji title directly over your image. Leave empty if you do not want to have any text or emoji overlay

Link: It allows you to link your image to any desired URL. This is optional.

P.S - The “+” icon allows you to add more than one image to the section.

I want to suggest that the image size should include other size like square. I tried to add some pictures of my design but the available size was not abme to capture the full picture

@abukhadeejah24 Thank you for your feedback, we’ll look into it.