Is your call-to-action really catchy?

Throughout my social media scrolling as an observer, I have come across a lot of people selling different stuff and making some major mistakes with their post and website CTAs, and sometimes coming off as rude or demanding while trying to call their customers attention.

Firstly, a Call-To-Action is giving your audience a clear call for what to do right after seeing your post or landing on your website. This includes using more action words, but lately, I have seen several businesses or brands using those action words can that immediately people off. For example, there was a guy that offers s freelance service that said: “Hire me now!” Like please chill, it’s not supposed to be forced.

It’s not always enough to know what a CTA is and what it does. You would need to see actual examples of how to craft these phrases to get an idea of how to implement them.

  • Get instant access

This is an example of a great CTA that simultaneously creates a sense of urgency, thereby compelling them to take action. You’re telling your audience exactly when to get started. Today!

  • 50% off

You might already know this, but people love it when things get subsidized. This a great call to action that entices your audience to take action by offering a discount.

  • Shop today! Sale ends on Monday

This one of my favorite tactics when it comes to a successful CTA. It sparks the Fear of missing out, otherwise known as FOMO, making it an extremely effective motivator they make your customers jump right on the trend.

  • Retweet

Another great way to ask your audience to take action is by asking them to share your post which is a great way to engage with them, leading them to share your content and subsequently your business with their own followers.

  • Sign up for free

In today’s world of e-commerce, every CTA button can feel like a purchase commitment. If your offer is at all free - free trial, consultation, or what have you - this is a word you need to have in your CTA buttons, as it assures visitors there’s no downside to clicking.

While knowing what catchy phrases that draw customers, you need to know the objective of your social media post or website page and what value it brings to your customers. Have more examples? kindly comment below :point_down: