Tell Mama - A poem on Domestic Violence and Abuse

Tell Mama

I kept my home

I followed all her teachings on marriage

Every word she spoke to me about keeping my home, I obeyed them.

Tell Mama

I was very submissive

A virtuous wife

Her husband’s pride

An obedient wife.

Tell Mama

I was punched daily by him but I kept my home

He stopped me from working with my certificate

He cheated on me with different women.

I lost three babies as a result of his blows.

I kept my home.

Tell her I never stopped praying as she advised me anytime I complained to her.

I kept my home.

Tell Mama

that I know she will be very proud of me for keeping my home.

I never brought shame to her by running back home.

I didn’t ask for a divorce, I protected my husband’s image by not telling anybody else.

I followed her curriculum of making my marriage work and remaining a Mrs.

that I never for once questioned my husband.

Tell Mama

That I have finally left this world full of chaos.

Tell her that I fulfilled her wish of keeping my home.

She should make merry.

She should smile.

Her daughter remained married till death.

I didn’t disgrace her by running from that beast of a husband.

Tell Mama

I kept my home.

She should be proud of me.

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hmmm… what a reality.