Tips to a Productive Remote Work

Many creators have worked remotely but for some this might be a new experience. Whether you’re a remote work veteran or a newbie, these are some tips to help you up your remote work game and optimize for productivity

  • Stick to a schedule; Sticking to a schedule helps you separate professional time and personal time. Set a schedule, with an hour lunch break and some short breaks, and make sure you log off when it’s time to “leave” work.

  • Double up on communications: Working from home requires you to be very communicative. Having chat apps like Slack, Zoom or Skype and Whatsapp (this saves a lot of data than the other apps) helps set clear expectations and enhance communication flow between team members.

  • Set up a home office: Let’s be realistic, working from home, with the laptop in bed, will most definitely mean snoozing off for a couple of hours. Creating an office corner for work help get you in that office

  • Stop at one device at a time : it would be safe to put your devices on low battery mode, close unnecessary apps running in the background, have the important apps on. Also, try alternating your devices, work with one device at a time.

  • Have Backup : While working remotely you would need backups that you can rely on, so as not to slow your work process. Don’t forget to have a backup like a power bank, generator, etc. As electricity may not always be guaranteed.

  • Prep your meals and snacks; It is easy to get caught in the “I have nothing to eat” scenario and just snack on junks and anything you could find in the house. Try to get whatever food you like stocked up in the fridge, so you don’t fall into this situation.

  • Work when you’re at your best : Nobody sprints through their work from morning to evening, your motivation will naturally flow throughout the day. It is important to know when those flows will take place and plan your schedule around them.

Pro tip: Pick a definitive finishing time each day. it’s really easy to let your work life crowd into your personal life. Maintaining a boundary is important for both lifestyles.