Top 10 skills for 2020

In a world increasingly dominated by robots, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality, having a firm grasp of what employers will be looking for is being smart and separates you from the crowd.

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), the world is now sitting on the cusp of a fourth industrial revolution. They also came up with a report on how technological advancement will transform labor markets and change what employers expect from workers. Here are the 10 most important skills that would be in high demand by 2020.

1. Complex problem solving

As the world revolves the demands get higher, which makes brands and businesses seek solutions. Which makes complex problem-solving skills top of the list of most desired skills by 2020.

2. Critical thinking

Critical thinking involves being able to use logic and reasoning to interrogate an issue or problem is becoming progressively more important as time goes on. Though it’s a skill that has always been considered essential and in the coming years will mean more and more employers will be looking for critical thinking abilities in the candidates they interview.

3. People management

As long as there are people in the workplace, there will need to be other people there to recruit and manage them. You can’t outsource people management to computers, which makes it one really important skill.

4. Creativity

Creativity has always been now one of the top skills employers seek. Why because as we’re bombarded by new technologies, employers want creative people who can apply that creativity to new products and services.

5. Co-ordinating with others

Collaboration is crucial in any work environment and this is something that thankfully humans are still better at than robots. This kind of skill involves being able to collaborate, adjust in relation to others, and be sensitive to the needs of others.

6. Emotional intelligence

Employers will place a strong emphasis on hiring those who are aware of others’ reactions, as well as their own impact on others. Emotional intelligence will remain among the top skills for employees despite the evolution of the job market by 2020.

7. Decision making

As organizations collect more and more data, there will be an even greater need for workers who can analyze it and use it to make intelligent decisions. Having a good judgment also involves knowing how to connect well with a colleague, or making a strong suggestion to a manager, which at the end makes you valuable to any organization.

8. Negotiation skills

Negotiation skills are required at all levels of any organization and in a variety of other circumstances, there will always be differences of opinions, trade-offs, and competing priorities in the workplace. People who can find compromises that are acceptable to all parties will always be in demand.

9. Service orientation

Some of the biggest companies in the world are ‘service’ businesses that invest enormous sums of money improving the way they interact with their customers. Having a really good attitude in relation to people and costumers will take you places in 2020.

10. Cognitive flexibility

This involves creativity, logical reasoning, and problem sensitivity. It also means being able to adapt to how you communicate based on who you’re talking to. Employers want to know you don’t just say the same thing to everyone, that you think critically about who you’re talking to, deeply listen, and tailor communication to that person.

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