Use Trending Sounds to Get Ahead In the #PassionPays Challenge

Hi people! If you’re looking to double your organic reach this week, don’t skip this post.

As you know, the #PassionPays challenge just started, and to win you’ll need lots of engagement on your post. If you’re wondering where you’ll get more engagements from, the magic words are (repeat after me)… Trending Sounds!

By making use of trending sounds in your video, you’ll be able to reach new audiences and get more engagement than you used to.

So, here’s the gist: We’ve compiled a list of trending sounds for you to use this week. Feel free to recommend more in the comments. We share and care for each other here.:orange_heart:

DELI X TOXIC (Altego Mix)

City Boys - Burna Boy



2023 so far

May the best creator win! :rocket: