Welcome to Disha Community

Building successful tech products requires listening to your customers, building and testing constantly to get the best user experience. These short cycles and regular feedback keeps our minds open to changing directions and experimenting every step of the way.

Why build a community?

We love our growing Disha customers and are big on knowledge sharing, so we created a community to serve as a chance to:

  • Collaborate with designers, developers and creators in building better products.

  • Share your latest work, gain feedback, exchange ideas and learn from others

  • Get Help with your own design and development challenges

If you’re looking for:

  • Where to start: Anyone is free to read our posts, but if you want to join in the gist, create an account.

  • Support: Post the challenge onDisha Signatures or Disha Pages and we’ll help out asap.

  • Where to give feedback: Go to Feedback to tell us how we’re doing. We love to build Disha together with the people who use it most.

Let us know if you have questions, otherwise, enjoy, and happy posting!