Why do I need a Disha Page when I have a website?

Have you ever wondered why you need a Disha Page when you already have a website?

Well… Here are your answers.

  • Disha Pages cuts straight to the point and makes your visitors focus on the important and relevant information

It is more like a highlight reel of your website content. It brings your website content to the front roll, calling for attention.

  • Disha Pages drives traffic to your specific marketing campaign. it is set up so that anyone who clicks on your page and sees your content thinks to themselves, “Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for!”

  • With Disha Pages insights, you get to see how your links are performing by simple analytics of top visited links, no. of page views, total page visitors and more! You have live data right on your fingertips :blush:

Bonus tip: Make your content call for attention by using the element that best project that particular content. Which can be the list, button, image, Youtube or the carousel element.